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Have you received a los angeles County jury summons?

The best that YOU can do is RESCHEDULE.

The best that WE can do is get you EXCUSED.

Official excusals from jury duty must be submitted to the court in writing, and your reason for being excused must satisfy the established excusal criteria. Thus, your only opportunity at being excused is a professional, pertinent excusal letter from a company that not only fully understands this criteria, but is also capable of qualifying whether or not you meet this criteria.

Sunny Day Summons Services is a third party Jury Summons Management Agency that specializes in the drafting of excusal letters for eligible jurors who qualify to be excused from jury duty.

Not rescheduled- EXCUSED.

About Us

Proudly serving Southern California as the only reliable means of granted excusals from jury duty.

Sunny Day Summons Services proudly serves the busy, creative professionals of Southern California who simply can not afford the loss of income or the absence from work commensurate to serving the requisite 5-7 days of jury duty. Our granted excusals keep businesses and the workforce behind them moving forward, uninterrupted.

When it comes to understanding the nuances of establishing a granted excusal from jury duty, let a company with clout handle your excusal.

There is NO CHARGE for discussing your jury summons.

How It Works


We have a brief, complimentary consultation in order to explain our process as it pertains to your situation.


We compose and submit your excusal letter in order to have your excusal officially processed.


Your granted excusal also results in a 12 month exemption from your next jury summons.

I do believe that Sunny Day 55 may be the best kept secret in all of Los Angeles.


Jury duty can last up to 56 hours over the course of 5 -7 days, not including traffic.

Anything impacting one's livelihood that significantly should be a choice.

How will you spend your week?


“No week of your life will feel quite as relieving as the week that you were supposed to be serving jury duty. You have to LOVE this company.”

“When you’re with Sunny Day 55, the court won’t be expecting you. A must have for business owners. Easy, affordable, professional.”

“I didn’t need the state telling me that I couldn’t work during COVID and I certainly don’t need the county telling me that I have to miss a week of work for jury duty. This company will keep you on the job.”

“There are two types of jurors- those who serve and those who are with Sunny Day 55. I’ve worked with them twice now over the years. Absolutely worth every penny.”

“Every social group needs contacts for unforeseen circumstances. I’ve worked with Sunny Day as well as referred others. They have a perfect record with us.”

“If you can’t serve and rescheduling isn’t an option, hire Sunny Day 55. My employer doesn’t pay for time off for jury duty, and thanks to Sunny Day 55, it didn’t matter.”

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“Forget everything that you know about jury duty. Sunny Day will get you excused. I’m a small business owner and it’s relieving to know that work can continue thanks to these guys. Absolute necessity for ALL business owners.”

“If you can’t afford to miss work, this is for you. What was supposed to be my trial week ended up being business as usual for me.”

“This company is incredible! Missing work was not an option for me, and Sunny Day saw to it that I didn’t. Professional and affordable.”

“I do believe that Sunny Day 55 may be the best kept secret in all of Los Angeles. OUTSTANDING company. They’re the real deal.”

“My personal request was denied by the court yet granted with Sunny Day?!?!?! It’s about time someone fights for the working class.”